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Saturday, January 15, 2011

video... if it'll freakin' work

Our internet is being stupid so I'm having to make several different posts so that I can make sure everything gets on here. I'm never certain when it might go out and not work anymore and I'd hate to do a long post and have it go out. So I'm doing several shorter ones. This last one is a video of Casen sitting up in the kitchen. He's gotten a lot better at sitting lately. He was a bit wobbly for a while but seems to have figured it out. He looks like such a little man sitting up all the time now. I love it!
So I'm in the process of trying to be a super awesome couponer. Every now and then I can get a good deal and since it's not all the time yet that I get the deals I wanted to post one. Mostly to remind myself that it's worth it to keep trying. I got all this at smiths for $15! Yes, please act very surprised and pleased so that I can feel accomplished. I have to give credit to Aaron for always responding with excitement and enthusiasm when I come home all excited about a good deal that I got. He's a good sport to guess "how much do you think all of this cost me?" The question I'm constantly asking when I come home with a good deal. Thanks for your support hunny!

ugly sweaters, snuggling, and sleeping

My two cute guys! Casen loves to snuggle up and watch movies. Especially if he has binky and mr. dog. And a pal like daddy!

We often find him sleeping with limbs hanging out of his bed. Especially now that we don't have the padded guards up. Doesn't seem to bother him though. It's pretty awesome!
Sorry for the lackage of posting. We moved during the holidays, again, which totally stinks so it was a little crazy for a while. However that doesn't entirely excuse my lack of posts since I obviously have issues keeping up on posts but whatev. I'll try to do better. So these are just some recent photos and videos that we've taken. Enjoy!