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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

So I had a little issue uploading our christmas card to blogger so this is just the picture and text without all the fancy shmancy stuff. But you get the idea. Anyway, I haven't posted in forever and have lots to catch up on but I wanted to post this up to let you all know we are still alive and well and enjoying this holiday season. We hope you all are enjoying it as well! Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year too!

May your holidays be brighter than his!

This past year has brought many miracles into our lives and we are truly grateful to our Savior for the blessings we have received. Here is a little update on what we’ve been up to:

Aaron graduated from BYU this last August and hopes to be licensed as a family therapist in the near future. Currently he continues to work for Cyprus Credit Union where he’s been for the past Nine years. In our ward he’s been called to serve in the Bishopric which has been a challenging and rewarding opportunity.
Krista continues to work once a week at the BYU Salt Lake Center and really enjoys it. It’s nice to have people to converse with besides an 18 month old who is constantly jabbering, often incoherently. She was recently called to serve in the Young Women’s presidency in the ward and continues to serve as primary pianist as well. We both really love our ward and are grateful for the opportunities to serve.
Casen turned One this year in June, started walking in August and can say quite a few words and a few phrases. He’s currently obsessed with planes, balls, and gogs (dogs) and has become quite the helper. He loves to help me vacuum, put away laundry, set the table and help us say prayers. It has been so fun to watch him grow and develop. He makes me laugh on a daily basis and I’m glad to have him as my full-time buddy.

We hope things have been well for you and your families. Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
The Taylors

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Aaron's Graduation

So this is a little late but I figured better late than never. It's such great news that I couldn't not post it! Aaron graduated August 12, 2011 from BYU with a Bachelor's in Family Science. It was a great day!! He wasn't actually planning to walk but I really wanted him to and I'm glad he did because it was fun to see and a great way to celebrate the end of his schooling- so far. Eventually he will go on to get his Master's degree but we are taking a bit of a break from school for him. (YAY!) I apologize for the poor quality of the photos and video. My camera was having issues focusing so some of the pics are kinda blurry.

With Aaron's parents
With my parentsFREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!

I just have to put a little personal note in here to tell my hubby how proud I am of him. The last 2 years he has been in school consistently without much of a break. I can't imagine the effort and diligence it must take to be in school full time and work full time not to mention a church calling and family life all to juggle. You've done a great job and I am so happy for you to be done with this degree!! Thanks for all your hard work. Casen and I are so grateful for the sacrifices you have made for our family. We love you!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

We didn't have anything big planned for Labor Day weekend and then Casen got sick on Saturday so we figured we would just hang out around the house. But surprisingly by Monday he seemed to be feeling much better and Aaron's dad has a season pass to the Hogle Zoo so we decided to go with him and our nephews. Casen was pretty fascinated by the animals. He "ooohed" a lot which is his "wow that's so cool" sound he makes when he really likes something. Our camera died halfway through so I'll post what pics we did get.

Momma and baby elephant. They were really fun to watch!The closest thing we could get to Casen smiling. All three boys. I love the different expressions and the fact that Casen isn't even looking. But at least we got them all together.Bald EagleAaron the serious speedster
Us with the giraffesThanks for a great day at the zoo Grandpa Taylor!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

So on saturday I was lucky enough to be able to go see Aaron (and Casen) participate in a 5k run set up in memory of a girl Aaron used to work with who was killed in a car crash about a year ago. Casen rode in the stroller so I guess you could say he completed his first 5k at 15 months! What an athletic child we have on our hands! Here is his excitement before the race

Here are some pics of the guys warming up for the runAnd then at the last second I decided to join them and as an added bonus I lived through it! I've never liked running or even jogging for that matter and all my experiences with it have been horrible but this has inspired me to think that maybe, perhaps, sometime in the future I could run a 5k. We mostly speed walked this one, but we did run a few times and I was able to get to a point in my running where I thought, wow, if running felt like this all the time I could see how people would want to do it. So it was a good experience. And then at the end they handed out free frozen yogurt from tcby. Yeah, weird that they handed out yogurt after a run....but I definitely wasn't complaining. So here's our first ever finished family 5k picture!!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

fun stuff from the summer

Casen and I went to the Gateway fountain and he LOVED the water. He was so sad when we had to go. Although you can’t tell from this picture, he really did have fun. And he got a balloon, which he loved. He is obsessed with balloons!Sharing chili with mom
And dad...
and you!

He was on couch arrest this day:

First Haircut...finally! Before:

Please note the uber long hair in the front. We could never spike it cuz it was so long. I love his hair now but the hair cut definitely makes him look older. As you can see in the pic below:

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

thoughts and trains and stuff...okay just train of thoughts

So I have other things to post about but those are sitting on my computer at home and I am at work so I'll post this now and those things later. I just was sitting here thinking about the beauty of books on cd and how I just put a few on hold at the library today and how great it will be to have those to listen to as I'm cleaning and such at home. For some reason it's really hard for me to always be motivated to do my "chores" and not just sit down and play with Casen all day. Weird, I know. So lately I've been listening to talks, music, or dare I confess, watching movies on the laptop (Don't tell Aaron, he thinks I'm not that lazy). haha just kidding. he already knows. Anyway this whole train of thought got me to thinking about how we are moving so I was picturing all my cleaning being done in our new apt. And THEN I pictured myself doing laundry in our new apt. because I will be doing it IN our new apt. Yes, I said IN meaning that we are now the proud owners of our very own washer and dryer which by the way, we paid cash for!!! YAHOO!!! This is a slight step up from our current washer/dryer situation because we have them here at the apt. but they are upstairs and across the back porch in a separate room which I'm still extremely grateful to have. But I'm more grateful that they are in our apt. Ask me later if I feel that way because I have a feeling I won't love the noise. But right now I'm lovin' the idea. Our other piece of excitement is that we also paid cash for a portable dishwasher because this new place doesn't have one. After we decided we already wanted the apt. Aaron reminded me that this place doesn't have one and I pretty much wanted to cry. I realize that people get by without dishwashers and we actually didn't have one in our first apt. But that's why I wanted to cry when I thought about us not having one because I know what it's like for us: we struggle keeping up on them regularly so I ended up spending hours a day making up for it. This was before we had Casen. I just couldn't wrap my mind around the idea of keeping up on dishes and Casen. (Secretly I'm sure it's possible and you do what you've got to do but I'm glad I don't have to do that). So we will have a dishwasher, with a counter top that doesn't look ghetto! :) Anyway, that was my train of thought as I was sitting at work today...

Sunday, July 10, 2011


This last weekend we went camping for the first time as a family with our ward. It was really fun! I would love to do it again. Although it's much more work when you do it on your own. We didn't have to bring any of the food except a dish to share so it was an easy trip for us! Casen was in absolute heaven with the dirt and rocks and since we just let him explore he came back to us pretty dirty. Here are some pics of the evidence:

Apparently he would have been just fine sleeping under the stars instead of our tent

And here's our family pic--evidence that we did go camping!

This little post is part of a long post I'm working on getting to you. But since blogger is being so freakin' stupid I'll be posting it later.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

recent pics

Just a funny shot of him smiling
Happy Easter everyone!

This video is of casen with a balloon. Typical of how he plays with balloons.


Casen at 11 ½ months:

· Can stand for a few seconds on his own

· Says “wow”, “what’s that”, “who’s that”, “ma ma”, “da da”, “hi dad”

· Claps hands

· Shakes head no

· Likes hot and sour foods

· Likes to dance by moving up and down or side to side

· Like to sit Indian style

· Is afraid of trees, especially pine trees

· Has tried his own feces…how many people can say that?

· Loves to wrestle and play “chase” on the couch

· Likes to point at everything

· Likes to hang upside down

· Loves to watch Little Einsteins

· Loves to explore and get into everything

· Can snap his fingers (at least he tries)

· Can “get his tickle on” (moves his pointer finger and tries to tickle you)

Casen is SO fun. He loves to be like mom and dad and eat the same foods we do. Often he will refuse his if we are eating regular food because he always prefers to eat what we do. He imitates so much with so many things it’s surprising what he picks up on at such a young age. The other day we had music on while I was feeding him and I started snapping to the music. A few seconds later I noticed he was trying to snap too. So cute! And so fun to see him learning so much.

Lately he has started to really like some toys that he wasn’t much interested in a few months ago. There’s a truck that he will push around that keeps him busy for up to a ½ hour sometimes. We also got a hand me down push toy that has balls on the inside that pop when the toy is pushed (I’m sure you all had one when you were younger). He’s not quite old enough for this yet since he can’t walk and push it but he really wants to play with it so it’s a love hate relationship for him because he tries so hard to get the balls to pop but then gets really frustrated when he can’t push it. I tried to get him to focus on some other toys when this was happening but he insisted on playing with the popper.

He’s also been very good at entertaining himself lately by exploring and usually he’ll play by himself while I get the house clean or laundry done. The only problem is that lately he’s figured out how to open the cupboards in the kitchen and we haven’t gotten them baby proofed yet. We need to get on that really soon or I might have more exciting yet dangerous stories for here.

And speaking of exciting stories….Aaron said this one would be a good one to write down and I haven’t yet so I figured here would be a good place for it. I do have to thank my brother Jared for doing this when he was younger. Because I heard of his experience from my mom when this happened to Casen I was able to deal with it without gagging or bawfing (barfing).

So one morning recently we got Casen out of bed and could tell he needed to be changed which is a usual for him in the morning. He was wearing a “night sack” for his pj’s (it’s like a big sack with a zipper) and when I unzipped him we saw that his diaper had come off in the night and all of its contents had spilled out into his pj’s. Awesome. So I took off his diaper and stuck him in the tub to clean him off. I completely forgot about rolling up his diaper and left it on the couch. Later that day he was playing on the couch while I was in the kitchen cooking. I look over to check on him and I notice some brown stuff on his fingers. For a split second I couldn’t think what it would be and then I remember his diaper must have been sitting there still. I ran over to him but before I could get to him he put one of his fingers in his mouth! Sick of a-mer-i-ca!!!! WHY DID I LEAVE THAT DIAPER THERE??? Anyway we both lived through the experience without throwing up. In fact, he didn’t even react to what he ate and I was able to keep it together by not really thinking about it. And now it makes a good story I guess.

Well in 17 days Casen will be 1 year!! I can’t believe he’s already going to be that old!

We love our little man!