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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Warning: Long post ahead, lots of catch up to do. Casen at 5 months, plus a video

Well this turned out to be a novel of an update. But at least there's something new to read!!! I feel so much better having caught up a bit. Hopefully I can be more consistent so I don't have to do monster posts all at once. Stay tuned to find out if I can actually do it!

Casen at 5 months

· Can grab onto his binky and sometimes gets it in his mouth

· Smiles lots

· Is very social; loves being around people

· Can roll all the way over

· Sleeps 12 hours a night

· Drinks 8 oz. formula

· Has tried all different kinds of food

· Loves bananas (baby food)

· His favorite toys are stuffed animals Mickey and Mr. Dog

· Is becoming playful

· Giggles easily

· Talks to himself a lot

· Responds to familiar voices- mom, dad

· Can grab onto toys, shoes, any object really but doesn’t always keep a hold of it

· Can sit up for a few seconds by himself

· Loves to eat his toes

· Likes to take a bath

· Requires only his binky and mr. dog for a nap

· Graduated to a crib

· Still spits up a lot

· Likes tummy time now that he can hold his head up easily

· Still likes to kick legs and move arms as much as possible while lying on his back

· Can hold his own bottle

· 25 in. long

· 15 pounds

Here's a video of him moving and talking. Similar to ones in the past but now he's bigger. I guess that's the only real difference. ha.

October fun and other random photos

Fell asleep on the changing pad waiting for mom. And he's wearing his cute new shoes!
Oh the fun you can have with a hanger! Don't worry he was supervised!
Crossing his legs. He actually does this quite often, we're not sure where he gets it.
Just a cute picture where we captured his smile
Dressed up as punk rockers at our ward trunk or treat. There were some from our ward who didn't recognize us this night!
At our next family home evening we carved them. And it was my first pumpkin carving experience! I realized growing up we designed our pumpkins but my dad always carved them so I was pretty excited that mine turned out looking somewhat normal. Aaron's a pro so he did something a little more creative. (His is the one on the left)
In October we went to a pumpkin patch and picked our own pumpkins. It was pretty cold and for some reason I had forgotten to pack a warm blanket so we used the thin one we had and I just held Casen close to me and hoped for the best. He was happy the whole time!
These are just some random picts from the last few months. The first one is of my 2 cute guys! I love Casen's look in this one. Like he just got caught or something. The next one is an awesome smile I captured. SO cute! The bottom 2 are his first bites of ice cream and oatmeal cereal. And I'm sure I could fix this underlining thing if I had the time but I'm just trying to get some posts done so I'm not going to.

So at four months we finally took Casen in to get pictures. They turned out really well, I was so excited! Here is what he has been doing at 4 months:

· Has started trying different foods-not just formula

· Can roll over onto his back

· Likes to play on a blanket on the floor and move around like he’s in a big hurry

· Smiles

· Laughs

· Has chubby thighs and a little belly

· 23 in. long

· 13 pounds

Confessions of a horrible, but trying to be better blogger

Okay so I am a COMPLETE slacker when it comes to blogging. And I realized the other day why I am like that. Blogging is similar to journaling for me. I know it's important and I want to do it but I just don't make it a priority. I've thought about it tons of times since our last post but then once I get behind I feel this major weight to catch up and then I just never post because I don't feel like I have the time to do a huge catch up post. So I've just decided to post what I can today and then if I ever get the time I'll do a catch up post.
Recently I took the time to write down all that Casen is able to do at 5 months and what I can remember at 4 months so I'll try to mix in some pictures with everything.
In the meantime try not to judge my horrible blogging skillz and just appreciate the cuteness of our child. Which, in my biased opinion is totally not hard to do. :)